All you need to know about SWG3, Glasgow’s premier entertainment venue

All you need to know about SWG3, Glasgow’s premier entertainment venue

As night-time closes in on Glasgow, you can sense a certain frisson in the air as the pubs and early evening clubs start to hum that little bit louder with the sound of patrons buzzing inside. As the night progresses and energies rise, Glasgow really comes alive to the sound of music. One such venue that is paramount to the success of the night-time entertainment scene is SWG3, a venue located just north of the River Clyde, and in fact just a 20-minute walk from the Acorn Hotel. So, who or what is SWG3?

Located in an area of Glasgow known as Finnieston, SWG3 extends over a group of distinctive venues and spaces designed for work, play and of course entertainment. An independent venue it operates as predominantly as a place to party and have fun as gigs, club nights, art performances, fashion shows and art exhibitions all take place here. Let’s have a look at what we love about SWG3.

The Acid Bar
Breakfast, brunch or lunch at the Acid Bar by day, at the SWG3’s on site café, bar and restaurant. At night it welcomes a new mix of visiting restauranteurs, chefs, musicians, artists and even DJ’s. Essentially it offers the concept of pop-up dining and entertainment in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Walk ins are welcome.

The Yard
The Yard occupies staggering 25,000 sq. foot and can hold up to 4000 standing at an average event. Upcoming acts playing here this year include Rex Orange County on August 2nd and 3rd 2022.

The TV Studio
A popular and functional space used to host film screenings, video shoots and intimate gigs, this year this space will busy welcoming acts including the silencers, Honne, Lane 8, Xavier Rudd and Professor Green.

SWG3 is a truly unique venue that offers an exceptional choice of entertainment year-round.

When you find the gig, artist or event that is a must experience at SWG3, contact the Acorn Hotel, Glasgow to get the best rate for your city break in Glasgow, and remember BOOK DIRECT for guaranteed best rates!

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