We are delighted to have the brand new ‘Five March’ open it’s doors a mere stone throw away from our hotel. Acorn Hotel guests can enjoy 10% off the menu, packed with unique food and drink.

An unpretentious comfortable place to enjoy quality drinks and food.

The food offering is ‘modern European’ (for want of a better expression) – our produce will be locally sourced and majoritively Scottish but can’t help but recognise some of our favourite global influences – It wouldn’t make sense in our heads to think vegetarian without working with middle eastern spice blends for example. 

We’re creating a place that we’d love to eat and spend time, it’s honest and for everyone. The menu will be produce led so there will be frequent changes depending on what looks great from suppliers that week. We’ll be using the lesser known cuts or a slightly more unusual species to ensure we’re using sustainable produce at all times. With a nose to tail, root to leaf mentality we’re looking for inspiration to come from working that wee bit harder to make the plate sit just right whilst minimising or entirely eradicating the creation of useless by products. 

We’re not looking to house anything stuffy and uncomfortable, but we’d like to showcase a few ideas you might not think to put together. There will be huge efforts behind the scenes but we want it to come to you in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere – no dickie bows, no lectures.

We’re excited to welcome you all in, it’s a project with real heart and enthusiasm and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have developing it. 

*Discount not valid from 6pm, Friday and Saturday