A Glasgow Christmas

Gearing Up For A Glasgow Christmas

If there’s one thing Scotland’s biggest city does with real flair, it’s Christmas. Okay so Edinburgh’s the one everyone’s heard about and while we do love our east-side neighbours, Glasgow is a real festive hidden gem. It’s got the same buzz from December onwards only without the crowds of an international tourist destination and we think that counts as a win. With warm, friendly locals ready to welcome newcomers into the fold and armed with our best-of guide below, you’ll be getting the most out of your city break.

Make it Snow at Hamley’s

If you’ve brought little ones (or even if you haven’t and just feel like indulging your inner child!) then Hamley’s is a must-see. The toy emporium occupies the whole top floor of St Enoch shopping centre and will make it snow twice a day with the help of some special friends from Disney’s Frozen.

Diamonds are Forever

Been good all year and deserve a little something extra from Santa this? Take a trip through the magical Argyll Arcade and visit some of the top jewelers and diamond traders around to add some sparkle to your Christmas.

A Mile of Style

Glasgow’s Style Mile runs from St Enoch shopping centre right through to Buchanan Galleries and takes in a huge range of high street and designer stores along the way. You’ll find everything from Pretty Green to H&M, Michael Kors to John Lewis en route, meaning you can get most everything ticked off the Christmas shopping list.

Mulling it Over

Forgive us for the pun but you can take a well-deserved break and think about your next strategic shopping move with glass in hand at Glasgow’s Christmas Markets, taking place at St Enoch and George Square this year. You’ll find weird and wonderful foodstuffs from around the Continent to try, as well as handmade treasures perfect for filling those stockings.

Indulge at Lunch

Why not treat yourself to an extra-special lunch in celebration of your time away? Rogano is smack-bang in the city centre so you won’t have to go far, and is famed for its oyster bar. Get a little merry on cocktails and it’s time well spent!

Laugh Your Christmas Stockings Off

The Oran Mor will be staging their annual adults-only panto again this year, filled with plenty of innuendo and cheeky crackers to get you guffawing. This comedy treat is the ideal way to spend an afternoon away from the shops and in the heart of the bohemian West End instead.

Choral Sounds

To really feel like you’re living the Christmas dream, pop along to Glasgow Cathedral where regular festive choral concerts are held during December. The talent of the singers and acoustics of the church will have you bowled over and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

With so much going on it’ll be difficult to decide what goes on the shortlist but for more information do speak to one of our staff who are always on-hand with suggestions. Remember, it’s best to book direct at the Acorn Hotel website to guarantee the best rates at a location that’s unbeatable for enjoying all there is on offer during the holiday season!